Complete Guitar Mastery Two Essential Posters in One Bundle

Level up your guitar skills with two powerful posters. Covering scales, modes, chords, and more, it's your all-in-one guide. Suitable for all musicians, even beginners.

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Learn how to play the guitar and produce your own music

The Really Useful Bass Acoustic Guitar Bundle helps guitarists, bass guitarists, and producers of all levels to make better music. Covering everything from scales to chord progressions, these easy-to-use posters will guide you through the fundamentals of music theory. By teaching you about the building blocks of music, they will fast-track your learning and make practice more fun.

On each poster, you’ll find fretboard diagrams of scales and the most common chords.The visual fretboard diagrams show the relevant fingering for each chord and scale - which means there’s no sight-reading required. The poster also covers essential music theory, including the circle of fifths. 

From playing your first chords, to writing your next album - this bundle will help you to unlock your musical potential. It will teach you how to identify the scale of your melody and find the best chords for your piece. Practise with it consistently, and you’ll memorise those all-important chords and scales, and get a better understanding of music theory.

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Ready to start playing?

Okay. So your Really Useful Bass Acoustic Guitar Bundle just arrived in the post. You can’t wait to get started. You hang your posters up on the wall and then...what next? 

Whatever your musical goal is, we’ve got you covered.

The Really Useful Bass Acoustic Guitar Bundle helps guitarists and bass guitarists to commit chords and scales to muscle memory. It will teach you the best fingerings for each scale, so that you learn the easiest way to play them. With this bundle, there’s no need for apps – so you can stay in the zone as you play.

Pick one scale each day and practise it for 15 minutes. Work through the major scales first, and then move on to the minor scales. Rinse and repeat until you can play every scale by heart! You’ll notice significant improvement after you’ve practised each scale five times over - which would take approximately four months if you’re working on one scale per day.  

If you’re a producer, you can use The Really Useful Bass Acoustic Guitar Bundle to find which scale you’re playing in and to identify the best chords to jam with. It will teach you which notes fit together, so that you can become a more intuitive songwriter. Over time you’ll start to absorb the music theory behind your songs by osmosis.

Choose a chord set and play all 7 chords in sequence. Once you can do that with ease, start playing the chords in a random order. This will help you to come up with your own unique progression. You can then find the matching scale and use the 7 notes in the scale to write a melody over the top of your chord progression. Try to do this for a different chord set every day to improve your playing skills and consistently create new music!

Head to our Learning Portal to find videos and guides that will support you on your creative journey.

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Strike a chord

A chord is a collection of two or more notes that are played together at the same time. You can choose any notes you like to create a chord. But it’s worth learning the most common chord types, as they appear in many popular pieces of music.

Major, minor, augmented and diminished. Those 4 chord types have created the world’s most beautiful songs. Once you understand how they’re formed, you can play and improvise with the best of them.

Just as a drumbeat provides rhythm, chords give structure to a song. They’re also a great way to create emotion. Chords are built using combinations of intervals - which means the distance between one note and another. By using different interval patterns, you can create distinct moods. This is how chords and chord sequences add suspense, sorrow or joy to a piece.

When you become familiar with each chord type, you can pick the perfect chords for any arrangement.

The Really Useful Bass Acoustic Guitar Bundle contains two essential posters for acoustic and bass players - The Really Useful Guitar Poster and The Really Useful Bass Guitar Poster. 

These posters include visual fretboard diagrams of the 4 most common chords in every key signature. The chords are displayed in a large, easy-to-read format, with their notes written underneath them. This means you can instantly access all the notes you need, rather than having to figure out how to build each chord manually. Use these posters every time you practise, and you’ll soon be playing chords with ease.

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Scale your learning

A scale is a collection of notes, played in a particular order. Scales can start on any note and each has its own distinct sound.

Scales provide useful sets of notes, which sound good when played together. When you know which notes are in each scale, then it’s easier to riff and create new music.

Mastering your scales is a bit like learning how to touch-type. By practising them frequently you’ll improve your coordination and fluency. Once you’ve nailed your scales, you’ll be able to play with confidence. The more you practise them, the quicker you’ll commit them to memory!