The Really Useful Bass Guitar Poster

The Really Useful Bass Guitar Poster

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Learning Bass Guitar & Music Theory made easy!

Designed by a bass guitar novice/aspiring musician as a quick reference tool, The Really Useful Bass Guitar Poster contains all the modes, scales, arpeggios and music theory you need to pick up a Bass Guitar and start playing. It’s the perfect gift for aspiring Bass Guitarists and Music Producers alike.

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Perfect for Beginners

The Really Useful Bass Guitar Poster displays all 7 diatonic modes, 8 popular scales and a wealth of music theory, all on one easy-to-read poster. A great gift for aspiring bass guitar players and a best friend to songwriters, the poster comes in a range of formats that look great on any wall.

Bass Guitar modes

As the foundation of all scales, modes are an important concept to understand. Clear diagrams help you understand modes and their different characteristics, allowing you to experiment with different sounds in your compositions.

Bass Guitar scales

Never forget your scales again...or learn them if you never knew them! 8 of the most common scales (Major, Natural Minor, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, Pentatonic Major, Pentatonic Minor, Blues Major & Blues Minor) clearly illustrated for ease of reading and memorisation.

Bass Guitar arpeggios

16 of the most common chords (including Major, Minor, Major 7, Minor 7 & Dominant 7) broken down into arpeggios, allowing you to quickly jam along to any song.

Music theory

Diagrams and tables that help you familiarise yourself with a bass guitar, form chords, write chord progressions, identify relative keys and learn the relationship between different key signatures. All handy references to help you create music.

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“This has everything I wanted to help me pick up the Guitar again after all these years. The illustrations are nice and clear, and the poster looks great in my bedroom!”