All About Us

We make practical guides that help creative people to play, produce and perform.

Our mission

At Make Better Music, we believe that anyone can be a great musician. All you need is practice, passion - and the right tools. 

We make unique, visual guides that fast track your musical journey. Our products explain the theory behind the creative process, so that you can become a more intuitive songwriter. They’ll help you to perfect the art of practising by making it more immediate and fun. Use them regularly and before you know it, you’ll be playing with confidence and jamming with the best of them.  

Our resources support producers and players alike and are accessible to musicians of all levels. Whether you’re practising your first chords or polishing off your next album - our easy-to-use guides encourage you to learn by doing.

Our story

We’re a small Bristol-based company which was founded by music-lover and creator, Domenico Arenare. 

For years, Domenico had been making music on a computer without any formal training. To him, learning music theory seemed like more trouble than it was worth. Too difficult, too complicated and too time-consuming. 

But once Domenico started to learn the piano, he realised that if he could understand the mechanics behind the music things would be a whole lot easier. He started studying music theory alongside his daily practice. The more Domenico learned, the better his compositions became.

As Domenico delved deeper into the world of theory, he realised that finding the right information quickly was harder than it should be. Unable to sight-read, what he really needed was a visual guide that would display all of the information he needed in an accessible way. 

Inspired by his own musical journey, Domenico began creating posters and guides which would help other musicians and producers to learn. 

Now, every single Make Better Music product reflects the time and effort Domenico put into learning those first elements of music theory. Before we create a guide, we take music lessons in that instrument for six months. That way, we know first hand what unique challenges that instrument poses. Then we bring it all together in our trademark graphical style, giving you a truly useful learning aid which helps you to Make Better Music.