Our Process

Crafting Musical Tools with Care: Our Product-Making Journey

What goes into each poster?

At Make Better Music, our product-making process is a labour of love, carefully crafted to serve the needs of musicians at every level. We commit six months to learning the musical journey, designing products that alleviate the struggle and expedite the learning process. Our meticulous design process involves over 100 hours, guaranteeing that every detail is perfect and user-tested. We prioritise eco-friendly paper sourcing, utilising top-quality paper from sustainable sources, while printing and manufacturing meet the highest industry standards. With swift shipping, digital downloads for immediate access, and a tree planted for every order, we ensure that your musical tools arrive promptly and eco-consciously. When your product arrives, it's ready to take pride of place in your musical space, marking the start of an exciting, more enjoyable musical journey.

6 Months of Music Lessons

We immerse ourselves in the musician's journey, investing six months in understanding their struggles. By experiencing the learning process firsthand, we design products that streamline the path to musical excellence.

100+ Hours of Design & Review

Our design process spans over 100 hours, with user testing and multiple rounds of refinement. Every detail matters; our dedication ensures that our products are nothing short of perfection.

Eco-friendly Paper Sourcing

We use top-quality paper from sustainable sources, always prioritising environmental responsibility. Our paper is FSC-certified and responsibly sourced.

Printed with Precision

We print in the UK, US, and EU, minimising travel distances. Our trusted printers adhere to the highest ISO standards, using the industry gold standard - Heidelberg Presses and advanced finishing equipment.

Optimal Storage

Products are stored in distribution hubs worldwide, maintaining colour accuracy and print integrity.

Seamless Order Placement

The journey begins when you place your order online. Our fulfilment processes ensure your product embarks on its final journey to you.

Expert Handling

Each product is hand-picked and packed by our skilled team, ensuring it's well-protected during transit.

Environmental Commitment

We plant a tree for every order, offsetting our resource consumption and waste generation through our partnership with Ecologi.

Efficient Shipping

Your order is shipped within 24 hours, with tracking information sent to you. Many products include a digital download for immediate access, so you can start your musical journey without delay.

Arrival at Your Door

Your product moves swiftly through our delivery network, ensuring a timely arrival. Check our shipping page for specific transit times.

Ready for Use

Your product arrives ready to enhance your musical space. Congratulations, you're ready to level up and embark on an even more enjoyable musical journey.